Hell has frozen and I’m now using a Mac. It’s not that I don’t like Apple. I’m actually an Apple hater, but that didn’t stop me from requesting a Mac from work. Sometimes you need to know your enemy, right?

This is how I’ve started detailing my experience using Apple’s most prestigious device, the Mac(intosh), if you don’t count the very successful iPhone.

All Mac articles on BinaryFork are written from the perspective of a Windows guy, so keep this in mind while reading my ramblings.

It’s been months since I’m a dual operating system user. I constantly switch from Windows to Mac and viceversa. It’s good for your brain, they say.

It’s also very annoying because of the different layout of the Mac keyboard. I always need to remember that Command is Ctrl (most of the time), but it’s placed where Alt is.

Is the Mac the experience everyone told me it will? No, definitely not. Mac OS is just as buggy as Windows. The good news? Restarting your Mac seems to fix most problems, just like in Windows.

What I also found as a surprise is that when Mac people say “this is the fastest…” or “this is the best…” they mean without comparing to other products not made by Apple.

Let me explain: the new Mac keyboard is not good when you compare it to my ASUS ROG laptop, or my mechanical keyboard, the ProMotion screen has terrible response times, and the performance of my M2 MacBook Pro is kind of meh. It’s not slow, but also not great compared to my gaming laptop.

Battery life is great though. It’s not 18 hours, more like 10-12, but still great. Plus, the Mac is dead silent most of the time. Oh, and the speakers. Man, how is it possible to sound so good?

Overall, the Mac is a good overall device that does almost everything (except gaming) pretty well. It’s the best in class at some things, and pretty bad at others.

Zero upgrading path, incredibly expensive options if you don’t want the base model (who does?), impossible to repair, and closed app ecosystem are just a few important problems with Macs.

I’m not saying Windows devices are better than Macs, but I’m raising a question about those who report about Apple devices. Ignoring important points is not cool.

But don’t worry, I’ll keep researching the Mac, so stay subscribed if you want to read my latest thoughts.

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