How to Find the Serial Number of Your Windows Computer

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  • If you need to find the computer serial number there are several quick ways you can find the magic number.
  • Some computers don’t have serial numbers, and that’s because they’re made from different parts, not assembled by a single manufacturer.
  • You can quickly find your serial number by following one of the methods from this article.
computer laptop desktop disassembled

Computer Serial Numbers are not really something to get excited about, but they’re useful if you seek assistance from your PC manufacturer, or if you need to claim your warranty for example.

Finding the PC serial number is easy, most of the time, and can be done in front of your computer, sometimes even without needing to turn it on. Let’s see where to find the computer serial number.

How to Find PC Serial Number with a Command (CMD, PowerShell, Windows Terminal)

The fastest way to retrieve your PC serial number without moving an inch from your keyboard is to use a command prompt (CMD) command. This works also in PowerShell and Windows Terminal.

All you need to do is type the following command and execute:

wmic bios get serialnumber

You will immediately see a message starting with SerialNumber. Under it, you’ll find the serial number consisting of letters and numbers.

computer serial number command

My PC Doesn’t Have a Serial Number: Is That Normal?

If the serial number command doesn’t return anything it is not a problem. Not all manufacturers bother to add the serial number in the BIOS (that’s where it’s stored). So, it’s OK for your computer not to have a serial number stored digitally.

Also an important note: computers you assemble from multiple parts don’t have serial numbers. Each component may have a serial number, but your PC as a whole doesn’t have one.

computer without serial number
DIY built PCs don’t have serial numbers

Find the Serial Number on the Back of the PC

If you have a laptop just flip it over, with the screen closed, of course, and look for SN followed by a bunch of letters and numbers. That’s the serial number you’re looking for.

asus laptop serial number back of case

On prebuilt desktop the serial number is usually found at the back of the computer case. So yes, you need to get on your kneed and crawl under the desk with a flashlight to find it.

How to Find the Computer Serial Number in BIOS (UEFI)

If you’re familiar with the BIOS/UEFI, that’s another place to look. After all, that’s where CMD pulls the serial number from.

So, boot up your computer and try to access the BIOS interface by pressing F2, F10, F12, or Del before Windows starts to load. The exact key you need to press differs from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from model to model.

The serial number, if it exists, should be listed on the main screen, or in About this device area (exact naming will differ for sure).

asus bios computer serial number

Use the Manufacturer Apps to Find the Serial Number for ASUS, HP, Dell, and Lenovo Laptops and Desktops

As with many prebuilt computers, the manufacturer will add a bunch of programs, if the PC comes preinstalled with Windows. Look for the app that manages updates and the hardware configuration.

On my ASUS laptop the app is called MyASUS, and it shows the serial number in the first screen, under the computer model. On a Lenovo laptop there’s the Lenovo Vantage app that lists all the details in the My Device section.

Last Resort for Finding the SN: the Product Packaging

If you didn’t throw the computer cardboard box it came in immediately after taking it out maybe you can look on the exterior of the box for the product serial number.

On my ASUS laptop, it’s listed on the side of the packaging, in the model and part number/EAN section. You can’t miss it: it’s an area full of bar codes.

laptop packaging serial number
Serial number printed on ASUS laptop packaging

Purchase Paperwork Could Include the Product SN

If nothing else works there’s a chance you can still find your serial number on your invoice or warranty card. It’s a long stretch, but some vendors specify the serial number on the documents accompanying your purchase. It’s worth a look if none of the methods listed above work.

Did I miss some obscure way to find the computer serial number? Let me know in the comments.

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