What is God Mode and How to Enable in Windows

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  • Learn what God Mode really is and how to activate it in all versions of Windows.
  • God Mode brings a lot of advanced Windows options into one easy-to-access folder.
  • The real name of this game-inspired feature is Windows Master Control Panel.
windows god mode

The God Mode is something I remember from around the time I was playing Doom and Quake. It was basically a cheat code that made you invulnerable in games, basically a God, hence the name.

In Windows, there’s a God Mode too introduced in Windows Vista, but it won’t make you or your computer indestructible or anything like that. Not even close.

What is God Mode?

The real name of the feature is Windows Master Control Panel and it’s a folder containing shortcuts to all important Windows settings.

The purpose is to provide a list of settings database that you can quickly search from the Start Menu by directly typing their name or associated keywords. Some people prefer to see this list instead of browsing the complex Settings app. I don’t.

How to Create the God Mode Folder in Windows

God Mode is always enabled in Windows, but if you need to access its contents you need to create a specific folder. Here’s how to do it:

1. Right-click on the Desktop or in a folder, in an empty spot.

2. Click on New > Folder.

right click desktop new folder

3. Use the string below as folder name and hit Enter:

new folder name

4. The folder icon changes automatically and the name you typed will disappear. That’s normal.

god mode folder icon appearance

5. Double-click to open the folder and see its contents. This is how it looks:

god mode folder contents

You’ll find pretty much all Settings options from the Settings app in this folder. You can now move the folder anywhere you like. Since it’s just a list of shortcuts you don’t actually move any files.

This guide works for all Windows versions starting with Windows Vista, long-time retired. So it will work currently on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Know of any other tricks like this one? Let me know. Also check out the WinX little hidden menu.

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